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What is Parabola Fi?

Parabola Fi launched as a fork of Ellipsis Finance on Cronos. And the Parabola team is very grateful to Ellipsis for its innovative practice in the stablecoin trading market. The Parabola team will commit to the core values: a trustless and decentralized architecture, zero deposit or withdrawal fees, no lock ups on liquidity and extremely efficient stable coin exchanges.

The protocol initially supports swaps between DAI, USDC & USDT (the Parabola 3pool). More pairs will be considered in the near future.

Parabola is non-custodial, meaning the Parabola developers do not have access to your tokens.

What is Cronos Chain?

Cronos chain is a set of open-source public chain projects developed by Cronos chain is the EVM compatible chain running in parallel to the Chain. It aims to promote the development of trading services based on blockchain technology. As an open-source public chain ecosystem, Cronos allows users to launch a variety of decentralized applications, issue their digital assets, create their own digital asset trading pairs, and trade freely. Any user can campaign for a network validator, participating in the community development.

Why launch on Cronos Chain?

Parabola was launched on Cronos because Cronos allowed us to achieve what we hold as the true values of DeFi: the democratization and access of finance without restrictions. Parabola can convert our tokens, and interact with others in various decentralized apps on Cronos to make joint efforts to build a value-added ecosystem. However, unlike many recent projects focused on optimizing the short-term, we are building Parabola to create a long-standing centerpiece of not just the Cronos ecosystem - but across all of DeFi. Cronos is just the start.

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