💰Staking PRB

Once you have a balance of PRB within your wallet, either by farming it or purchasing it, you can choose to "Lock" or "Stake" it within the fee distribution contract. If you choose to "Stake", you can withdraw at any time without penalty and receive a 50% of the trading fees. Meanwhile locked PRB cannot be withdrawn for select days (90 days or 180 days or 360 days) - it is NOT possible to pay a penalty to withdraw locked PRB early.And selected locked different days enjoy different rewards.

  • Locked 90 days enjoy 1.2x rewards.

  • Locked 180 days enjoy 1.5x rewards.

  • Locked 360 days enjoy 2.5x rewards.

Locking demonstrates a commitment to the long-term vision of Parabola. Along with receiving the regular trade fees, users who lock PRB receive 100% of the penalty fees paid by users who withdraw vested tokens. Distribution of exit penalty fees begins immediately when a vested user withdraws early, and are released evenly over the following seven days.

When locked PRB clears the select days (90 days or 180 days or 360 days) lock, it can remain unclaimed and continue to receive exit and trading fees.

  • The lock date are grouped by the week. Any lock between Thursday 00:00 UTC to Wednesday 23:59 UTC are grouped in the same week group.

  • The locked PRB is subject to a mandatory 90 Days/180 Days/360 Days lock, and cannot be unlocked early.

  • PRB reward from locking PRB can be claimed anytime with no penalty

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