🌠The PRB Token

Parabola (PRB) is the native token on the platform and provides value for liquidity providers and token holders.

Ticker: PRB

Contract Address: 0x88027226BbD75b0cB79091FaA64f634Fe528E393

Chain: Cronos Chain

Token Supply & Emissions

The PRB token supply is One hundred million ( 100,000,000) tokens to be emitted over five years.

The following is the PRB distribution scheme for the first year.

6,818,000 / 1.0904^n

Where n is the number of months since launch. Emissions are split 2/3&1/3 between liquidity provider and “pool 2”.

Token Distribution

  • 50% Liquidity Provider: Continuously minted over five years with a progressively decreasing rate.

  • 25% PRB/USDC LP: Continuously minted over five years with a progressively decreasing rate.

  • 8% DAO Treasury: DAO governance.

  • 10% Team: 1 year linear release.

  • 2% Airdrop: 1 week linear release. 1.5% allocated to testnet incentive winners, 0.5% allocated to community airdrop winners.

  • 5% Public Sale: USD 0.1, 25% instant release, 75% 90 days linear release.

The funds are raised in the public sale will all be used to build the initial liquidity pool and the team will not retain any funds.

✈️Staking and Liquidity Providing Rewards


Liquidity Mining

PRB liquidity mining will open when the price feed machine lands on the Cronos network.

Supported pools: 3pool(DAI-USDC-USDT), BUSD/3PRB and PRB/USDC LP

PRB liquidity mining rewards have a vesting period of 90 days and early collection will be subject to a 50% penalty. The penalty is then allocated to users who choose to lock their PRB for 90 days. This will contribute to the long-term stable operation of the protocol, while this mechanism ensures a steady stream of rewards for those who actively commit to the protocol by locking in their tokens.

Staking and Locking

The stakers will receive protocol fees without lock-up.

The PRB lockers will receive a share of protocol fees also. Beside this you can receive penalty fees from those exiting their vests early. Because you are committed to the Parabola protocol by being locked and cannot be unlocked early.

🚀Staking LP Tokens to Earn PRB💰Staking PRB

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