🚜Depositing into the Base Pool

Deposit stablecoins (DAI-USDC-USDT) into the Parabola 3pool and receive 3PRB tokens that can be staked for PRB rewards.

Depositing into the pool

Stake any combination of the three coins in the Parabola 3pool: DAI, USDC or USDT. The first checkbox, "Add all coins in a balanced proportion", allows you to deposit all three coins in the same proportion they currently are in the pool. If you don't want to add all your stable coins, just click the "Use maximum amount of coins available" checkbox and enter the number of coins you wish to deposit and click "Deposit and Stake".

Depositing the coin with the smallest share will result in a small bonus.

Once you deposit one stable coin, it gets split over the three different coins in the pool which means you now have exposure to all of them.

Confirming and staking

Press "Deposit" as described above and then complete the two transactions that follow:

  1. Approve the contract.

  2. Deposit your tokens.

After depositing in the pool, you receive liquidity provider (LP) tokens. They represent your share of ownership in the pool and these can be staked for PRB.

🚀Staking LP Tokens to Earn PRB

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